The Recovery College is about people with mental health difficulties having the same opportunities in life as everyone else.  it is about a personal journey towards a meaningful and satisfying life.  it is about hope, control and opportunity.  it is about living as well as possible.  the workshops and courses we run aim to provide the tools to make this happen, to help you become an expert in your own recovery or that of someone you care for or work with.

Our college offers a learning approach that complements the existing services provided by Making Dreams Real and is at the heart of everything we do.  Every course and workshop we offer is co-designed and co-run by trainers with lived experience working alongside students and peer counselors.  Our courses are free of charge and open to everyone.

As a young person in high school has their life controlled and supported by others, but when they transition to college, they become responsible to manage their lives as no one tells them to get up, go to class but they must learn to manage their lives.  This management includes choosing their career path and developing the strategy to obtain this goal